Back To School Tips by Kimberly!

Buch mit Apfel (engl. A Book and An Apple)

Hello there lovely humans!

Aw yes, as much as no one kid wants to admit it, and how much parents around the globe are ecstatic, school is coming soon. *Que sad music*

So, I decided to gather up some tips for starting the school year fresh! Sounds great!

Here we go:

  1. If you’re going into a new school, never, and I repeat, NEVER assume you know what’s going on. This was a biggie when I first came into the I-Class for my homeschooling program. What I’d do is just go with the flow- Do what everyone else is doing.
  2. Also if you’re heading into a new school, make sure you do a little tour of the place before the year starts (Around now seems ideal for anyone around here). There may be maps around, but apparently they aren’t always up to date. This one came from a friend of my brother, who from what I remember, went into a totally wrong classroom on the first week of his 8th grade year, which around here is just getting into high school. Trust me, don’t be that dude.
  3. Stay away from the troublemakers. If anyone close by you is doing anything that would warrant a trip to the principles office or worse, get as far as possible from them without making it obvious you’re avoiding them. Try saying you have stuff to do, or have to go to the bathroom or whatever your clever little noggin comes up with. This is what I’ve been doing most of my life at school. Why? Because if they get busted and get in trouble, you are not associated with all that. The teachers won’t call on you or point fingers or any of that- You’re free. It isn’t your problem.
  4. Write. Things. Down. Don’t just say “Oh yeah I’ll remember that!” because if you’re anything like me, guess what? You won’t!
  5. This is completely optional, but, get a cool backpack. Enough said.


Alright, that’s it. I hope that helped someone! Going back to school can be a little stressful, and if you’re anything like me you are currently clinging onto summer with your life, knowing that when you come back you’ll be laying in bed already wanting to come home from school the next day. But just remember, weekends and holidays exist. It’ll be alright 😀

.. I’m just saying, this is my only blog that I got done in less than a day. I’m making progress in the blogging world! Yay!


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Vancouver At Night

Chinatown at Night, Vancouver, B.C.

Hey there humans! I was told to make this a while ago by one of my friends, but I just sorta procrastinated. Aw well. Here it is now.

October 21 2016, normal day for you guys, right? Well, over here it was a Pro-D-Day, so, no school. Guess what my Girl Guide (Girl scouts, pretty much) Unit was doing? Going all the way to Vancouver for the night. Oh boy.

Well, First we went all the way to the Ferry terminal way down south. I was with my “Partner” for the trip- Lets just call her Lily- almost all the way down there. We left at 7 AM. Way too early, if you ask me. It didn’t help that that day was the type of day that gives our area the nickname “The Wet Coast”. Seriously, the entire time Lily was just saying “And to your left, Darkness and raindrops. And to your right, more darkness and raindrops!”

When we got to the terminal, we had to wait probably half an hour for the ferry to arrive. When you’re with a herd of hyperactive 4-7th grade girls, that is an eternity and a quarter. I’m surprised no one else in the terminal complained about it, even though there was only about 5 people on the walk-on section we were in. Seriously, they were loud, and extremely hyper.

Skip to after 2 hours of Lily constantly nagging me to go to the gift shop on the ferry, and we arrived at the other side. I only remember being to the area we got in on in the summer, and it definitely looked less like a beach resort than it did in the summer. (but, that sort of makes sense, this is October remember!) When we got off the terminal, we had to get on a bus. One thing you may not know about Vancouver buses (Or is it any city bus? I don’t know), the middle BENDS to get into tight places in traffic. Can you just take a wild guess of where me and Lily had to stay on the bus? Yeah, right where it bends. There’s this little swaying disk right where we were standing, and while I stepped as far as it as possible in the packed vehicle that we were in, Lily wanted to be right on it. Watching Lily spin around that thing was enough to keep me entertained for the hour we were on that bus.

After a bit, We came to our destination. A sky-train, to get to Science World (Huge dome full of science). For you non-Vancouverites who have no idea what a Sky-train is, well, Imagine a subway that goes above the streets, and into, well, the sky. OK not above the skyscrapers, but about the height of a three-story building. The entire time we were on it, the other girls were singing some annoying tune. I can’t remember what it was, but I was just staring out the window. There were some pretty neat sights out there! There was even a rainbow for a few minutes!

When we got to Science World, it was quite different than I remember. The areas were in different places, and some areas were added, including a Power area. It was put there to promote a lack of energy waste, but come to think of it, it’s sort of hypocritical of them. It was so high-tech! I’m not trying to discredit them in any way, I loved it, but that honestly makes no sense.

There were a few games in the area, one of my favorites was again to cut power waste. It was a game of trying to turn off all useless appliances in a short amount of time. It was a circle of touchscreen pads with an electronic on them, and we had to touch it to turn it off. But, here’s the kicker. A fridge was added to the appliances. If someone pressed the fridge, it starts over. All anyone from the nearby areas could hear was “LILY/KIMMY DON’T TURN OFF THE FRIDGE!”. Another game was pretty much a giant hamster wheel, and it was about renewable energy. We had to run on the wheel, and there was a meter next to it saying what we produce the energy to power. I got all the way to powering a laptop until I just plain flopped.

Afterwards, we took another sky-train to a restaurant for dinner (There was pizza there, but because of reasons I could only have plain pasta), and then we had to take a bus then a “Sea Bus” to the place we were staying for the night- an aquarium. It was sort of funny, because we thought the sea bus would take us directly to the place we were going, but, NOPE, it would have taken us to the island. After the first landing, we went straight back, and walked to an actual bus stop. By this time I’d already be asleep. But I must say, the hockey arena there at night from the water looks absolutely fantastic! Wasn’t able to get a good picture though. Aw well.

That lead to the fastest I’ve had to run at 9:00 at night to catch a bus. I don’t remember much of it (I’m typing this in August, I’m a little fuzzy), but I remember the views around being worthwhile. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for great views.

A few hours later, we arrived at the aquarium. It actually looked really cool at night! Lights were on, the fountain was gorgeous, everything was awesome.

When we got in, we put our stuff by a huge upside-down globe nearby downward spiraling stairs. We got some welcoming speech by some of the staff there. They sent us off to do some stuff, I can’t really remember what. The only thing I really remember is going down to a frog exhibit.

Yeah, you know when you don’t really think you never saw until you see it? Something there was like that for me. A sleeping red eyed tree frog. It looked weird. I mean, it’s eyelids are almost transparent! It looked freaky. And of course, it was sleeping on a blade of really long grass. That was a little weird. Honestly, it was 11pm, I was too tired to care much.

After that, we went to some behind-the-scenes look at some stuff. There was a lot of crabs and sea sponges there. Some of you back at Smarthlandia that knew me since I was in grade 1 may recall that I was a total science nerd. I was fascinated with anything science related, especially biology. Yeah, that behind-the-scenes look is when I realized everyone else in the group knows everything they know about marine biology from Finding Dory. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with that, but Finding Dory doesn’t show everything about Marine Biology.

Then our guide showed us an even more behind-the-scenes area, a place that was filled with jellyfish, and maybe a seahorse. I can’t remember.

So, after all that jazz, we went down to the area where we would be sleeping. Right next to a beluga tank. There were 3 belugas watching us sleep the entire night (I actually heard they died a few months after we were there.. RIP Belugas, you were cute and awesome). We were not even arms length apart from the person next to us. While everyone else was playing rock paper scissors with each other before heading to sleep, I was just watching the belugas until it suddenly became daytime, which means I fell asleep.

In the morning, we had breakfast in the diner by the fountain and was able to wander the place within a group. Guess which pair of partners got lost almost immediately. Yes, me and Lily. We were too distracted with the dolphins to pay attention to  where the group was going, and wound up in the wrong group. We managed to get back eventually, but it was a bit stressful.

I don’t remember much else from the trip, we just went home, and I was glad to be away from screaming girls.


Alrighty, that was that. Sorry I wasn’t able to post all summer, I sort of got busy with art and stuff. Yes, I will continue to make blog posts soon, and whenever I get ideas. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet!



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ZWAAD Part 2

Eros! Ralf Κλενγελ via Compfight

I had my back arched, fur on end. My teeth were bared. I was ready for what was on the other side of that door. Journey had a tight grip on my collar, but I was ready to fight. The smell of rotting flesh, the same smell the green humans had, filled the place.

Journey had a soft grip of my muzzle as she gently pulled me to another room. Was she trying to protect me? I didn’t have any waffles, but I have teeth. If she was protecting me from the green humans, THAT went to the dogs (almost literally). The scratching of my nails on the hardwood floor and the jingling of my tags was enough to lure them to us. She picked me up and ran.

By the time she carried me out of there, one thing was on my mind. Kimberly and my boy. Would they be OK? As we were running from the green humans, I saw those two boarding up the doors from the green humans. I didn’t see anything else, not even the other girl.

She let me go when we were far away from pretty much everything. We were in an abandoned town. I don’t know why she went so far, but we were away from the green humans. For now, at least.

It took me a few minutes to recognize the place. It was the town my boy wanted to be in almost all the time, and I wanted that too. For me, it was the park down by the forests. Always full of other dogs. For my boy, it’s what was in said forests. He’d always take this weird thing with him in there, it’s a few metal rods stuck together with two wheels. He calls it a “bike”. Whenever he comes out, he’s usually dirty. I think he pedals it down the trails… I never knew why he doesn’t just walk.

Anyways, we were in the town. All I could smell was dust. I looked back at Journey, who looked like she regretted coming so far. I walked down to the part that was our favorite. The fences of the dog park were destroyed, and some of the trees had no leaves, like someone tried to burn it to the ground. Some weren’t affected though.
I went in. After a little while, I started smelling something familiar. I made my way towards the source of the smell. It was so familiar…
That’s when I realized what it was. It was my brother, Bandit!

“Bandit? Is that you?” I called out in my dog way.

“Nutmeg? You runt, I never expected YOU to live through the zombie attacks…” he remarked at me.

“Zombies? What are those?” I asked while I got to the clearing he was in.

“Oh PLEASE, runt… Didn’t you see those green humans? Those are zombies!” He scoffed. He then looked over at me. “Where are your guardian humans?”

“Their probably in the woods back home… I came here because I was carried by one of the girl’s friends. I didn’t have a choice!”

“Not a really good ‘friend’ to be stealing their own, ..” He paused. “Pet!” He sounded disgusted.

“She was protecting me! There were zombies all over the place, Bandit!” I barked at him. “We couldn’t get them alone!”

“Fine, if that’s what you insist…” As he got a closer look at me, he backed away, horrified. “Is that, a clouded eye?” Bandit asked, as he backed away. “Did, one of them get you!?”

“No no no, that’s not what happened. It was years ago, around Christmas, when ‘He who must not be named’ got at my eye.” I told him. “I couldn’t see out of this stupid eye ever since.”

“I’ve heard that name out of one of those windows that they call a “TV”, sounded like a really messed up person… He doesn’t even have a nose!” He looked suspicious.

“I’ve heard that. It’s just what my humans call him. He’s really a cat.” I insured him.

“Sure… ” He didn’t sound convinced.

I saw a few other dogs come along. There were quite a few, but I recognized one of them. My sister, Lumpy. She looks like a golden lab, even though me and Bandit look more like German shepherds with floppy ears.

“Hmm, You got Peanut here, is that so?” Lumpy asked. She always called me Peanut…

“Yes, The runt is here…” He looked over at her. “But I think she was scratched.”

“Let me see…” She jumped down to examine me. “Hmm.. If it was a zombie scratch, she’d already be green and rotted!” She announced.

“Well, at least that eliminates one zombie worry…” A Husky sighed.

“Well, what good ol’ use does she have?” A Beagle asked. “Is she as stupid as she looks?”

“AS stupid? I’d say more.” Bandit remarked.

“Oh come on you guys!” I snapped defensively. “I’m not that bad!”

“If you’re still like I remember you, you sure are, Runt.” Bandit told me.

“We were just puppies, Bandit!” I snapped.

“True, true. But, as according to Lumpy here, those things don’t really change.”

“Grr.. Well, even if I am, even WITH my blind eye,” I tried to think about things to tell him. “I, I was my human’s hunting dog, so, I know a thing or two!” It was sort of true, My boy did want me to be not only a hunting dog, but also a trail dog. Apparently I was a better pet than a worker.

“A hunting dog!?” A Dalmatian said, surprised. “Ha, looks like Bailey won’t be the only one now…”

“Aye! Hush your under-sniffer, ‘Pep!” Snapped the beagle.

“Ha, ‘Nutmeg’ and ‘Hunting’ don’t really-”

Right then, we heard footsteps on the trails, and my name being called. It was Journey. When she came to the area we were in, she looked like she was going to squeal over the amount of dogs.

The dogs sure weren’t happy though…


Hey! Sorry for taking so long… Long story short, I’ve been busy getting myself out of Smarthlandia and into a Homeschooling program. Which is also why I haven’t made the “Geo Bunnies” thing the remaining Smarthlandians have worked on. But, apparently I’m still allowed to make these blog posts, so, I’ll continue making these blog posts. Logic, It exists.

I did say I was going to make illustrations for these, but I realized that I can’t draw dogs for the life of me. Sorry.

Aw well. I’ll be working on Part 3 soon, so, yeah.

A to Z of Me

Escadean / Sherborne 1776

Hello, Humans! I Alpha-BET you’ve seen the other Smarthlandians with their great A to Z post, so, here’s mine! Enjoy!


A – I am quite the Artist, well, at least I try to be 😛

B – I’m quite the fan of Bananas. Especially on PB sandwiches. Deal with it, I’m weird.

C – I love Cats, whenever I even come into a room with a cat I spend at least an hour trying to play with it.

D – I also love Dogs, probably more than I like a lot of people. (Just kidding! Maybe ;))

E – I love Eating, I kind of have to do it to stay alive.

F – For some reason, I’m terrified of Frogs. I keep thinking the skin is toxic and it’s gonna leap on my leg. Don’t judge me.

G – For some reason, my Guinea Pig nips the nose of my dog whenever she walks by.

H – I tried Horse-back riding, and it’s fun! Except when they start galloping without warning!

I – I don’t really like olives. Seriously, they’re so sour!

J – My best friend’s name is Journey, if that wasn’t obvious already.

K – My name is, *Gasp*, Kimberly!

L – I once made a comic about a Log breaking over a river. Once.

M – I tend to say “Meow” a lot. Again, don’t judge me.

N – My dog’s name is Nutmeg, because when she was a puppy, she had the coloring of, well, Nutmeg!

O – Oh, look, I don’t know what to put for O!

P – My Guinea Pig’s name is Panda, because she looks like, well, a Panda.

Q – My teacher is the Queen of Smarthlandia. Yay.

R – It’s Really hard to come up with ideas for this section. Just saying.

S – I am a student of Smarthlandia. Huzzah (Pun intended).

T – Well, I’m Twelve years old, if that counts.

U – Some say that some areas of my room tend to be Untidy. Welp.

V – I once tried out for a Volleyball team, but that didn’t go too well.


X – I have had many X-Rays in my life. I hated every single one of them.

Y – I’m in the Younger half of Smarthlandians.

Z – It always puzzled me if Zebra’s are white with black stripes or black with white stripes.


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Operation: Cupid Trap

February 14, 2017

Perth, Australia

5:17 AM

TOP SECRET: Journey and Kimberly’s Cupid Trap

“Why were WE chosen for this job?” I heard a whining voice behind me. “We’re KIDNAPPING a little baby!”

“Journey, Cupid’s older than both you and me combined. Besides, Mrs. Smith made everyone in Smarthlandia’s command attempt this.” I muttered back at her, swinging the bait for the trap; a ‘Love-Gun’. Not my idea, buckaroo.

“It still doesn’t mean I have to LIKE it, Kim!” She used that stupid nickname again…

“Whatever. Like it or not, this is what we have to do.” I looked back at her, the trap in a bag over her shoulder. “We don’t have much of a choice. And stop calling me Kim, for goodness sake!”

I think it’s pretty clear what we were doing. We were sent to trap the love-god himself, Cupid, in order to make him send love to all of Canada, more specifically, Smarthlandia. Pretty greedy of an act if you ask me, but, as I said to my partner Journey, no matter how much the Smarthlandian’s complained, we didn’t have much of a choice.

We aren’t just doing the trapping, no no no! We were sent with a few other Smarthlandians in a few groups of 4 (or five, I can’t remember) to track down Cupid’s location (Journey wasn’t in mine though.. Aw well). We located him to where me and Journey were; Perth Australia. Quite a big place, so we all split up into different areas. I don’t know where the others are, but me and Journey were at the nearby outback.

After a little while of looking around, I heard Journey call my name. My ACTUAL name. What a miracle!

“What is it, Journey?” I asked, running over to her. She was on the edge of a canyon-like waterfall.

When I looked down, it was clear why she called me over. One of cupid’s arrows, on the ground, just right there. If I didn’t have my glasses that give me any depth perception at all, I would have jumped to it. But it was quite the long fall, enough to at least break a leg.

I looked over to where the waterfall was flowing from. It was at least 10 Kilometers (or “Clicks”, as I say) away. Yikes.

“Should we go for it? I mean, having it in our possession won’t help with the trap..” Journey pondered beside me.

“That’s true, but, we could use it as bait for our trap. We won’t need this thing-” I went to throw the Love Gun into the water, but Journey stopped me in my tracks.

“KIMMY!” She yelled in my ear. I was tempted to respond with ‘Eardrums, Journey! I need them!’ but, that wouldn’t be wise.

“Fine. Aw well.” I loosened my grip of it, with my arm at my side. “Guess I’m holding onto it.”

After a little bit, I checked my watch. 3:12 PM. It’s still set to Canadian time, I suppose. All I knew is if I was a local here, I would probably still be asleep. But, It’s summer here, so the sun’s rising early. Why does this have to be so confusing?

I was pretty dazed for a lot of the trek. I wouldn’t be surprised if I fell asleep mid-walk. I guess that ended when my foot slipped.

We were at the end of the canyon. There were stairs leading down to the bottom.

“Do we have to go ALL the way back to set the trap?”

“That would be best..-!” It was then when I had an idea. I saw a few large branches nearby. I pointed at them, and then looked at Journey. Next thing we knew, we were riding them like little tiny canoes on the rapids. Aren’t I a genius?

We came up to Cupid’s arrow, just where it was. The trap and the Love-Gun on us, we got ready to set the trap. We moved a few rocks out of the way (and smashed a spider or two), and put it in. It was a bit wobbly, but whatever.

We ran out of sight, and arrived with the others in time to get out of there, and leave the traps in the hands of the Queen.

Well, it is sorta late to be talking about Valentine’s Day, but whatever. This post took a while to make, ok?!

Anyways, I was sent to make that story because of a Breakout we did – “Where in the world is Valentino Cupid!?”. It was quite fun, and quite tough. I liked it. We also made the “Mini-Trap” in partners, and, well, … Yea XD

Christmas Time

Iisalmi Tuomo Lindfors via Compfight

Hello there, holly jolly humans!

It’s about the time of year where ice particles fall from the sky and most kids want to roll around and smash there friends with balls of said ice. Winter!

Winter can mean a lot of things for different people. For most adults its the rage of having to drive in the snow, for kids it’s playing in said snow (not on the road though). In the oh-so-fabulous area of Vancouver Island (at least this area), It either snows way to much, or none at all. This year it’s leaning towards the former. If that’s a good or a bad thing, you can decide for yourself.

When’s the day that even songs say they dream about having snow on? Christmas! Christmas is quite a neat holiday, because seriously, when else can you have a tree in the house, stuff toys and candy under said tree and into a sock, come up to peoples doors and sing a variety of songs with your friends and not get a door slammed in your face and wear fabric horns of a large deer and/or a red triangle hat with a Pompom on the end? Exactly, there’s no other time!

I have seen quite a lot of Christmas decorations out on peoples yards, and some are quite impressive. I’ve seen people with large inflated snowmen, Shooting stars made out of Christmas lights, candy canes on their handrails, the list goes on. Then there’s people that either can only decorate a line through the outside house (In other words, me), or with none at all. I do understand that, because the fancy stuff must be a pain in the butt. Even putting it up in the gutter takes about an hour…

You know its getting to be Christmas time when the music rolls around. I’ve been hearing The Twelve Days Of Christmas at every shop I’ve been at since December 1st. It’s always that one. I like it, but seriously, there’s a truckload more, why THAT one?

On any means, Christmas, or just Winter for that matter, is a wonderful time of year, and, yea 😀

What’s your favourite part of the Christmas season? Happy Holidays Humans!


Zombies, Waffles and a Dog



Groans could be heard from not only afar, but nearby as well. Green-ish humans were approaching her in the forest. They look limp, but stiff at the same time. Lifeless eyes were peering down at her as I watched my owner.
WHAT?! You thought I was a human?! No silly, I’m what the humans call a “dog”, or a “puppy”. I’ve only recognized a few human words, one being the word that they know me by, “Nutmeg”.  I have heard my name in a food sense… Food. I do miss the humans getting me the good stuff, like “squishy food”… “cookies”. I heard some call them “wet dog food” or “dog treats”. Now I’m stuck with venison, or deer meat. Not that I’m complaining… That stuff’s good.

Gah, I’m getting off track. Other human words I recognized are also ‘names’ of the humans I live with. One being my own human, Kimberly. Some also call her ‘Kim’ or ‘Kimmy’, even though she gets slightly aggressive when they call her that.

We were hiding from the greenish humans in some small, abandoned house, with another human, so-called “Journey”. I also recognize a few commands, but they never use them anymore.

I peered over with the one eye that still works (after one was taken out by a cat when I was young). I saw Kimberly and Journey, back to back fighting against the monsters. I never got why they’re so afraid of them, they don’t look like much of an opponent. But the girls fought back against the zombies with these things, I don’t know what they are, but they’re apparently called “waffles”, throwing weapons that turn the green-ish humans to dust. I remember Journey eating some of them before the monsters came… I don’t know why.

Just as they were being approached by the monsters, I heard a familiar voice. It sounded like my other human, Kimberly’s brother. I only know him as “My Boy”. Next thing I know, he chucks the waffles everywhere, and all the zombies disintegrate.

I saw him walk out of the forest, into the clearing we were in. He looked relatively unharmed, but he always looked beaten up by his biking. He did that quite a lot before the monsters came, and Kimberly took me to this place. Of course, when I saw him, I bolted from the log I was behind to greet him.

He pet me behind the ears a few times, but then he did something that I didn’t expect, but I wasn’t surprised by. He looked aggressive towards Kimberly, but worried at the same time. He was sizing himself up, arms out in an aggressive matter, shouting at her. I don’t know why… I guess it’s just something teenage human males do, I guess.

He then laid his arms by his sides, looking over at me. I didn’t even know what they were saying, but it seemed to be funny to all of them, Journey included. Excited, I ran in between all of them, hoping to join in on the excitement. I always do that. I always hope I can get a few pats out of that.

They lead me along the forest area to where the boy came from. It was a cabin deep in the woods, looking more cozy then whatever I was in before. A good log cabin, not bad at all.

He called some other person in the cabin. I saw some blonde girl, looking around the same age of the boy, around 16, even though I know the boy’s younger than that. She gushed when she saw us, us being me, Journey and Kimberly. She looks, and smells, familiar… Like I’ve seen her before.

Of course, I was jumping all over her! Another human, that doesn’t happen often! Kim and the boy always tell me to stop when I’m jumping, but I just get excited!

After a little while, we all settled down in a small, yet comfortable room. Fireplace and everything, it was amazing. I was given a bone of a deer to chew on, and I was perfectly content while the humans talked. But then, Kimberly went silent.

She had her eyes locked on a door connecting the kitchen to the outside. It was then that I noticed that there was soft groaning on the other side…


“Math” Hair Day


“Whats this?” You may ask yourself. “Math being FUN?! Unbelievable!!”
Well its happening now. Deal with it humans.

A bit ago we had the opportunity to measure fellow Huzzahnians hair, FOR SCIENCE! And math. I guess it can be both.

1. Our Inquiry Question!

“How long is the average hair length of Huzzahnians?” I did NOT come up with that…

2. Our Data Collecting!

So, this was sort of odd to do (I couldn’t be there that day, but according to my teammates… yea it was odd)

We used a meter stick to measure people’s hair from root to tip, and we got a few…

3. RESULTS!! (Yippee!)

3 cm

4 cm

5 cm

5 cm

7 cm

8 cm

10 cm

12 cm

23 cm

31 cm

37 cm

42 cm

43 cm

46 cm

50 cm

We are including outliers because, yea =P not that there’s any..

Mean: 21.73 *a lot of 3s*

Median: 12

Range: 47

Mode: 5


4. Conclusion?

There are more short-haired Huzzahnians then long-haired Huzzahnians. We don’t need hair elastics here humans!


Emergency Kit!


Oh no! Disaster! AHHH!

Ha, don’t worry humans, disaster hasn’t struck around here, yet. For said “Yet”, we have to be prepared. And one of the steps for being prepared, you have to have an Emergency Kit that you can “grab and go”.

What do you put in said Emergency Kit, you may ask? Well, I have made a list of stuff that could go into a kit like that.

They include:

Preservable food (Canned soup or a bag of trail mix. If you’re bringing soup, also bring a can opener. Emergency’s wont supply fast food you guys!).

A good supply of water (If you don’t know how long you’re going to be out, pack a lot. If you do know, 2 liters per person, per day. IN A GOOD CONTAINER FOR LIQUID.).

A flashlight (The wind-up one’s are recommended. If you only have battery flashlights, pack extra batteries).

A first-aid kit (Someone could be hurt!!)

A good radio (I don’t really know how they work, but pack the needed things for it too. You need to know whats going on in your area!)

Identifiable family documents/photos (Emergency services need to know who to look for!)

A light but effective thing to keep you warm (It’s gonna be chilly, humans! You don’t want to freeze, do you?)


It’s probably going to have to be a pretty big bag to carry all THAT, but, well, it’s what I got. Your family needs to have a good plan for the disasters in your area if you want to stay protected.

Stay safe, humans!



Gone to Seed Joel Dinda via Compfight

Well here’s MY take on this…

Home is the place where you always want to return to. Where you feel accepted, loved, needed even. For some it could be a mansion, while others a small apartment. It doesn’t have to be a solid house, though. It could be a soccer field,  the Mountain trail, a lake, the list goes on. It could be where your pet is, a dog, cat, guinea pig, anything (as with Peter with Pax). It really depends on who you ask. But with anyone, anywhere, in any country, It’s the place they belong. The place with their hearts. The place they call Home.