ZWAAD Part 2

Eros! Ralf Κλενγελ via Compfight

I had my back arched, fur on end. My teeth were bared. I was ready for what was on the other side of that door. Journey had a tight grip on my collar, but I was ready to fight. The smell of rotting flesh, the same smell the green humans had, filled the place.

Journey had a soft grip of my muzzle as she gently pulled me to another room. Was she trying to protect me? I didn’t have any waffles, but I have teeth. If she was protecting me from the green humans, THAT went to the dogs (almost literally). The scratching of my nails on the hardwood floor and the jingling of my tags was enough to lure them to us. She picked me up and ran.

By the time she carried me out of there, one thing was on my mind. Kimberly and my boy. Would they be OK? As we were running from the green humans, I saw those two boarding up the doors from the green humans. I didn’t see anything else, not even the other girl.

She let me go when we were far away from pretty much everything. We were in an abandoned town. I don’t know why she went so far, but we were away from the green humans. For now, at least.

It took me a few minutes to recognize the place. It was the town my boy wanted to be in almost all the time, and I wanted that too. For me, it was the park down by the forests. Always full of other dogs. For my boy, it’s what was in said forests. He’d always take this weird thing with him in there, it’s a few metal rods stuck together with two wheels. He calls it a “bike”. Whenever he comes out, he’s usually dirty. I think he pedals it down the trails… I never knew why he doesn’t just walk.

Anyways, we were in the town. All I could smell was dust. I looked back at Journey, who looked like she regretted coming so far. I walked down to the part that was our favorite. The fences of the dog park were destroyed, and some of the trees had no leaves, like someone tried to burn it to the ground. Some weren’t affected though.
I went in. After a little while, I started smelling something familiar. I made my way towards the source of the smell. It was so familiar…
That’s when I realized what it was. It was my brother, Bandit!

“Bandit? Is that you?” I called out in my dog way.

“Nutmeg? You runt, I never expected YOU to live through the zombie attacks…” he remarked at me.

“Zombies? What are those?” I asked while I got to the clearing he was in.

“Oh PLEASE, runt… Didn’t you see those green humans? Those are zombies!” He scoffed. He then looked over at me. “Where are your guardian humans?”

“Their probably in the woods back home… I came here because I was carried by one of the girl’s friends. I didn’t have a choice!”

“Not a really good ‘friend’ to be stealing their own, ..” He paused. “Pet!” He sounded disgusted.

“She was protecting me! There were zombies all over the place, Bandit!” I barked at him. “We couldn’t get them alone!”

“Fine, if that’s what you insist…” As he got a closer look at me, he backed away, horrified. “Is that, a clouded eye?” Bandit asked, as he backed away. “Did, one of them get you!?”

“No no no, that’s not what happened. It was years ago, around Christmas, when ‘He who must not be named’ got at my eye.” I told him. “I couldn’t see out of this stupid eye ever since.”

“I’ve heard that name out of one of those windows that they call a “TV”, sounded like a really messed up person… He doesn’t even have a nose!” He looked suspicious.

“I’ve heard that. It’s just what my humans call him. He’s really a cat.” I insured him.

“Sure… ” He didn’t sound convinced.

I saw a few other dogs come along. There were quite a few, but I recognized one of them. My sister, Lumpy. She looks like a golden lab, even though me and Bandit look more like German shepherds with floppy ears.

“Hmm, You got Peanut here, is that so?” Lumpy asked. She always called me Peanut…

“Yes, The runt is here…” He looked over at her. “But I think she was scratched.”

“Let me see…” She jumped down to examine me. “Hmm.. If it was a zombie scratch, she’d already be green and rotted!” She announced.

“Well, at least that eliminates one zombie worry…” A Husky sighed.

“Well, what good ol’ use does she have?” A Beagle asked. “Is she as stupid as she looks?”

“AS stupid? I’d say more.” Bandit remarked.

“Oh come on you guys!” I snapped defensively. “I’m not that bad!”

“If you’re still like I remember you, you sure are, Runt.” Bandit told me.

“We were just puppies, Bandit!” I snapped.

“True, true. But, as according to Lumpy here, those things don’t really change.”

“Grr.. Well, even if I am, even WITH my blind eye,” I tried to think about things to tell him. “I, I was my human’s hunting dog, so, I know a thing or two!” It was sort of true, My boy did want me to be not only a hunting dog, but also a trail dog. Apparently I was a better pet than a worker.

“A hunting dog!?” A Dalmatian said, surprised. “Ha, looks like Bailey won’t be the only one now…”

“Aye! Hush your under-sniffer, ‘Pep!” Snapped the beagle.

“Ha, ‘Nutmeg’ and ‘Hunting’ don’t really-”

Right then, we heard footsteps on the trails, and my name being called. It was Journey. When she came to the area we were in, she looked like she was going to squeal over the amount of dogs.

The dogs sure weren’t happy though…


Hey! Sorry for taking so long… Long story short, I’ve been busy getting myself out of Smarthlandia and into a Homeschooling program. Which is also why I haven’t made the “Geo Bunnies” thing the remaining Smarthlandians have worked on. But, apparently I’m still allowed to make these blog posts, so, I’ll continue making these blog posts. Logic, It exists.

I did say I was going to make illustrations for these, but I realized that I can’t draw dogs for the life of me. Sorry.

Aw well. I’ll be working on Part 3 soon, so, yeah.